Doing It Live

One of the weird things about getting back into having a website is that it’s so hard to fall down the Tinkering rabbit hole. You notice that a button looks off on Mobile so you tweak it, or you try and adjust the colors to make them pop just a LITTLE more.

Suddenly weeks have gone by and the only thing you have to show for your “big idea” blog is a homepage you tweaked dozens of times and an about section that’s likely not professional enough to last.

Such is life.

At some point, however, you need to fish or cut bait.

Forcing My Hand

I always loved that expression because my grandfather, who loved fishing, used it all the time. He never cut the bait, and I guess I shouldn’t either.

So I made the decision to launch my site today. It’s open to crawlers, I configured both search console and GA (GA4… sigh) and I deleted the last few buttons that were really annoying me on mobile so I got that last edit in.

Welcome to medium roast. Think of this like a test batch.. I’m trying things out and the result might not be the most flavorful cup you’ve ever tasted, but I am hoping to improve it over time.

Short Term Goals

I had these grand plans for building out an SEO knowledge center or a budget plan. I was also going to link my github where I’d have all these cool tools… that won’t happen, at least for awhile.

In the meantime, expect irregular blog posts, frequent display updates, and then maybe randomly something added to my Github when I figure out what I want to work on.