Who Am I?

My name is Jason Bauman. I’m an early adopter, rambling writer, and all-around nerd.

…Wait, you want more? Ok.

Don’t say I didn’t warn you! For the past 10 years I’ve worked in the SEO space with a heavy emphasis of Technical SEO and finding ways to work puns into product descriptions. I’m also (chronically) bad at maintaining websites of my own, which is how you know I am an SEO expert.

Why ‘medium roast?’

“Amateur writer, coffee professional” was in my Twitter bio (RIP) because it’s the most accurate description of me. I love coffee.

One of the most fascinating things about coffee is that you can take the same beans and depending on how you roast, grind, and brew them get a truly wild range of flavors.

I think medium roast fits as my “place on the internet” not only because it’s one of my favorite ways to enjoy coffee but also because it represents what I want to achieve here.

Nothing flashy, no “1 weird trick” clickbait titles. Just a collection of some of my best thoughts, (hopefully) brewed to perfection